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When we married 37 years ago John told me “We may never be rich, but I promise you we will never be bored!”. That was an understatement. Once in awhile, I confess, I just want to be a little bored. Life is always an adventure in our family. Recreating this home has been no exception. 

John loves to travel and got me hooked. So even though we are both native Utahns, we try and see some part of the world every chance we get.

John also loves to create stuff. An artist at heart! So building The Western Star Bungalow and The Star Garage has been a combination of loves. Attempting to see travel through your eyes as we have created the Bungalow and the Garage, has been almost as fun as going somewhere new ourselves.

If you have a hankerin’ to talk about old cars or Rat Fink, give John a call. If you’d rather talk about creating costumes or quilts, Sherene is your gal. We both enjoy ATV riding, backcountry hiking, and old movies.

We live in the small town of Mt. Pleasant, four hours North of Kanab. We have always loved this Southern part of the state. We have done lots of backpacking here and were thrilled when we had the chance to purchase this home in Kanab at the end of 2015.

We have 4 grown children and 3,  4 grandchildren. Life is good!

We are excited to have you come and share some of the great sites that Southern Utah has to offer.
Cheers, Sherene

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