Family 5K race – March 16 2018

Family 5K race – March 16 2018

Kanab, Utah

Kanab is such a great family friendly place to be! Kids, Dogs, Strollers, everyone is welcome to this fun event to support out local High School Track programs.

I Love the lollipop race for tots 3 and under! What a great way to encourage our kids to get OUT and DO!

5:00 PM on on Mar 16, 2018
8:00 PM on on Mar 16, 2018

Come brush off the winter blues with Kanab’s 3rd Annual Feeling Lucky 5K! Mark your calendars for Friday, March 16, 2018 to come run, jog, or walk this beautiful course. Not to mention, get the chance to win some awesome prizes in our Feeling Lucky Raffle. Fun for the whole family!
All proceeds go to the Kanab High School track and cross country programs.

Head over to to register TODAY!

5K information:
Start time: 6:00pm
Start Location: Kanab Middle School
Finish Location: Kanab High School Track
Medals will be awarded to the top 3 finishers in each age category!
-Well behaved dogs on leash are permitted for the 5K however, please keep in mind that this is a family friendly race and there will be lots of children around. If dogs are aggressive in any way they may be asked to leave by race staff. Owners maintain full responsibility for their animal both during and after the race. Animals are to be leashed at all times. Also keep in mind that animals are not permitted on the high school track or infield at any time.
-Strollers are permitted for the 5K also however, this is a fun, yet challenging course. There are 2 steep hills involved and runners will be expected to maintain control of their stroller on the downhill(s), as well as be able to get them up the steep uphill(s) on their own accord. Also keep in mind that strollers or any type of wheeled vehicles are not permitted on the high school track or infield at any time.

5K Early Registration Fees: (includes: race entry, t-shirt and 3 raffle tickets)
Ages 12 and under: $10.00
Ages 13-18: $12.00
Ages 19 and over: $15.00
*Prices valid through March 1, 2018

Registration will still be available after March 1st, however the price will increase slightly and we cannot guarantee that a T-shirt will be available in your desired size.

5K Late Registration Fees: (includes: race entry and 3 raffle tickets *T-shirt may not be available in desired )
Ages 12 and under: $12.00
Ages 13-18: $15.00
Ages 19 and over: $20.00
*Prices valid March 1 – Race Day.

Feel like the kiddos can’t quite handle a 5K yet? That’s okay! There will be a lollipop race for kids ages 3 and under (a fantastic 50 meter dash), and a 400 meter run/jog/walk for kids ages 12 and under (kids medals and a surprise for all those who participate in the 400!).


So mark your calendars and come support the high school Track and Cross Country teams! You won’t want to miss this one… I guarantee it!

More info @

Kanab, Utah –  Live Music Fri. Feb. 23rd. at Peekaboo Kitchen
Lisa Mac has become known in Las Vegas for her powerful, soulful voice and poignant blues-rock songwriting. Recently playing at the Hard Rock Cafe on the Las Vegas Strip with her band, and chosen as one of ten bands to compete for a spot at Life Is Beautiful Festival 2017, Lisa Mac has been touring nationally including dates in Colorado and Utah, and more states to be announced.

Peekaboo Canyon Wood Fired Kitchen is a welcoming eatery that is one of a new wave of restaurants transforming Kanab into a foodie hot spot.
233 W Center St (0.84 mi)
(435) 689-1959

Vegetarian/Vegan Restaurant · Cafe · Pizza Place

Price Range $$

Opens at 5:00 PM

Run Some of The Most Unique Trails in the country!

Run Some of The Most Unique Trails in the country!

Grand Circle Trailfest Registration is now OPEN!

Trail Running at its most majestic! October 4-6, Kanab Utah     – Sign up at
Early Bird registration ends April 22nd (they have sold out the last two years!)

Run in the morning

Each morning, you’ll run a gorgeous timed race on one of the world’s most uniquely beautiful trail courses.

You’ll earn a finisher award for each daily race and overall winners will receive an additional placement award!

Explore all afternoon

After the race, spend the day exploring the parks, hiking local trails, and discovering other nearby restaurants, and sights.

Absorb Southern Utah.

Enjoy the evening

After a day on the trails, sit back, and enjoy deserved rest, delicious food, expert presenters and motivational speakers, live bands, bonfires, a trail running film festival, yoga clinics, gear demonstrations, and more!



Balloon Festival AND Battle of the Bands

Balloon Festival AND Battle of the Bands

One of our favorite events all year in Kanab, Utah. Balloon festival and Battle of the Bands! The middle of February every year.

Love the personal lantern launch on Saturday night.

Desert Bighorn Sheep in Zion National Park

Desert Bighorn Sheep in Zion National Park

Our last trek into Zion National Park, (January 2018) was a fun afternoon even before we came across these beauties on our way home out of the East Gate of the park. Desert Bighorn Sheep!

Norm_Bosworth / Pixabay

Evidence of Bighorn Desert Sheep in Southern Utah goes waaaay back! No other animal image is used as often in local native petroglyphs and pictographs. The ancients seemed to be dependent on these graceful creatures for food and they were apparently abundant at that time. Their curved horns were used for costumes, bows and tools. They became few in number, almost to the point of extinction, due to human impact by early settlers.  In recent years many of the Southwest’s parks have been trying to reintroduce them and at least in Zion it seems to be quite successful.




The area between the tunnel and the East Gate is the most likely place to have an encounter. And I mean up close and personal, like this dandy that almost came right up to our car window!

Get out and enjoy your National Parks TODAY!

Cheers, Sherene and John

Know Before You Go – Road Work At Zion Nat. Park main entrance

Know Before You Go – Road Work At Zion Nat. Park main entrance

Road Construction, Everyone’s least favorite phrase……  But here’s a heads up

Traveling to Zion National Park?

Major Road Construction began Oct 2017 on SR9 between Hurricane/LaVerkin and the South Gate to Zion National Park. Scheduled to go thru April 2018.

Traffic can back up anywhere between 25 min to 2-3hrs! But do not fear, there is another way!

Zions East Gate via Mt. Carmel Highway/SR9  is a bit more remote, but so senic you will wonder why everyone doesn’t go that way all the time! The Mt. Carmel Highway junctions with Highway 89 a few miles North of Kanab, Utah.

Kanab makes a perfect base for 3 National Parks – Zion, Bryce and Grand Canyon North Rim. Plus many other attractions including the world class destination – The Wave.

Keep watching for the photos in my next post of the wild mountain goats we met on the road near the East gate just a few days ago!

Know Before You Go- What Time is it??? Southern Utah

Know Before You Go- What Time is it??? Southern Utah


What time is it? Should be a simple question right? Lots of our fly-in guests are coming from Las Vegas which means you will pass through 3 states in your 3 hour drive to Kanab (Nevada, Arizona and Utah). 2 different time zones (Pacific and Mountain) plus Utah will be on Daylight savings time, depending on the time of year – but Arizona never is.… Are you lost yet? Hopefully your phone will keep up with the accurate time when you are here, don’t just assume it is malfunctioning.
Our biggest challenge once here are those who plan on visiting  Page, Arizona –  Antelope Canyon, Lake Powell and Grand Canyon. If you have a tour lined up, double check with your tour operator to make sure you are aligned with their time.
Found this on the BLM website – made me laugh
Q: What time is it?
A: This gets a little complicated, so hang on.
Glen Canyon National Recreation Area follows Arizona time, which is Mountain Standard Time year-round.
* The state of Arizona does not switch to Daylight Savings Time in summer.
* Within the state of Arizona, the Navajo Reservation does switch to Daylight Savings Time.
* Within the Navajo Reservation lies the Hopi Reservation. The Hopis do not switch to Daylight Savings Time.
* The state of Utah does switch to Daylight Savings Time.
* Exception: Dangling Rope Marina, which is in Utah, does not switch to Daylight Savings Time. They run on Arizona time.
Simple, huh?

-Daylight saving time 2018 in Utah will begin at 2:00 AM on
Sunday, March 11 and ends at 2:00 AM on Sunday, November 4

So starting on Sunday, March 11 – 8 AM in Kanab will be 7 am in Page, AZ.
Even though the Navajo Nation observes daylight savings, for the convenience of tourists, tours of Antelope Canyon are on the same time as Page. So 8 AM in Page will be 8 AM for an Antelope Canyon tour and the boat tour. It will also be 8 AM in Las Vegas.

I know it’s not the correct terms, but I think about it as if Arizona is on pacific time in the summer and mountain time in the winter. So Utah and Arizona are the same time in the winter and one hour ahead of us in the summer

Got it??


Zion National Park

Zion National Park


The East Gate of Zions National Park is about 35 min. From Kanab. It is one of the most visited parks of Utah’s “Mighty Five”.
It can be really crowded, but going out of peak season is a great way to go, it is always beautiful. The cliffs never change, no matter the season. Rainy days are our favorite days at Zions! Extra waterfalls show up in surprising places.

Weekly Passes (I believe these rates are the same at all the National Parks)
Weekly passes are non-transferable and are valid for 7 consecutive days including the date of purchase. Weekly passes may be upgraded to annual passes within 7 days of purchase.
Private Vehicle: $30. Valid for 7 days.
Admits private, non-commercial vehicle (15 passenger capacity or less) and all occupants to Zion National Park, including both the Zion Canyon and Kolob Canyon areas.
Motorcycle: $25. Valid for 7 days.
Admits one non-commercial motorcycle to Zion National Park, including both the Zion Canyon and Kolob Canyon areas.
Per Person: $15. Valid for 7 days.
Admits one individual with no car to Zion National Park, including both the Zion Canyon and Kolob Canyon areas. Typically used for bicyclists, hikers and pedestrians. Youth 15 and under are admitted free.