Our Sample Rental Agreement

Here is a sample of our Western Star Rental Agreement (subject to regular updates).
Upon booking, We will send you an digital/online version to fill out and email back. Along with photo ID.

The Western Star Bungalow

John and Sherene McClellan, Owners

379 E. 400 S.

Kanab, Utah 84741  

(435) 262-6119 or (435) 262-1000


SHORT TERM RENTAL AGREEMENT               Contract date ___________

These Terms and Conditions clarify The Owner’s obligations to The Guest, The Guest’s obligations to The Owner, and in the very unlikely event of any disputes, will be used as the basis for any resolution. Please read them carefully before confirming your booking. Thanks

Full name of  the Lead Guest!
(that’s you, the one who gets to fill out the paperwork and put the $ down)

Your mailing address __________________________________________________________

Your Email address ___________________________________________________________

Photo ID. (Separate Attachment!) We do need a copy of Govmt. Issued ID. Text me a photo of your driver’s license etc. or attach to this contract and email. ID # ______________________

Check-in date: _______________ after 4pm MST (No early check-in please unless approved beforehand)

Check-out date: ________________by 11am MST (No late check-out please unless approved beforehand)

100% refund for cancellations more than 30 days before check-in date.
-50% refund for cancellations more than 14 days before check-in date.
-No refund 13 days or less before check-in.

Maximum Occupancy

The maximum number of guests is limited to 6 persons. 2 Pets.

Number of adults: ____       Number of children (12 yrs and under): ____      Pets: ____

Names of persons:

#1 ____________________________________________________________age___






    1. The Legals – Party Members, All persons listed on the Rental Agreement or added subsequently by The Guest will be bound by the terms of this agreement. Occupancy of the property is restricted to those names listed on the Agreement or added subsequently by The Guest. The Rental Applicant is considered to be the Lead Guest and will assume full responsibility for all members of the Rental Group throughout the rental period. Information or instructions relating to this rental will be communicated to the Rental Applicant only and not to any third-party member of the Rental Group.
  1. Exceeding the number of stated and agreed persons will result in immediate eviction without refund, or a $100 per extra person per night charge at the discretion of The Owner. (We must be strict on this due to City business license and insurance restrictions.)

Condition of property

We do everything we can to make sure the Western Star and its property are prepared and ready for your best vacation ever.  However, unexpected things do happen. We promise to do our very best to rectify any problems as quickly as possible. Please do let us know if any problems arise.

    1. The Legals – The Property will have been inspected prior to occupation and therefore The Guest undertakes to: • Notify The Owner immediately with regard to any damage and/or maintenance issues that require attention. • Keep the Property and all furniture, fixtures, fittings, and effects in or about the Property in the same state of repair and condition as found at the commencement of the Rental. • The Guest shall follow the departure instructions provided by The Owner.
    1. System Failure: In case of failure of a system or amenity during your stay, including but not limited to, water, sewer, heating, air-conditioning, electrical, mechanical, ventilating, structural systems, major appliances, or WIFI and entertainment equipment, We shall promptly repair them. You agree to permit access to the House to make repairs. We shall not be liable to You in damages, and NO REBATE OR REFUND will be given for such temporary failure, provided We are repairing the system or amenity in a reasonable manner after having received notice from you that repairs are needed, however, there are limited service contractors in The Kanab area.
  1. AMENITIES OFFERED: Equipment and facilities are provided at the discretion of The Owner and whilst every attempt is made to ensure that such equipment is in working order for the duration of the rental period, should a breakdown or some other situation occur that renders non-essential element unusable, the Owner does not take responsibility for replacing or refunding The Guest for the lack of use of these equipment or facilities. The equipment and facilities referred to include (but are not exclusive to) such items as televisions, VCRs/DVDs, small kitchen appliances etc.

UPON YOUR CHECK OUT –  Additional cleaning if needed, (including smell neutralizing, think twice you curry, garlic and fish cooks)  will be charged at cost, $20 per hr.

Late Check outs will be charged at $20 per hr (sorry, learned that one the hard way….).


✓Nope. None. Zilch. No smoking inside, on the porch or in the yard.

  1. The Legals – New Kanab City regulations designate “No smoking outside anywhere within 30 ft of adjacent property”.

Be a good neighbor

We have great neighbors over the back fence. (Shan and Gib go to bed early!) Please be considerate of them and they will be gracious and helpful.

And you may or may not have another visiting guest neighbor right next door in the adjacent house.

Kanab has had a little push back from a couple of disgruntled neighbors lately. Please keep us one of the “Good Guys”!

I understand we may have neighbors right next door in the adjacent house. We promise to be kind and considerate. (Just like a good Boy Scout.) Park in the left hand side of the driveway and strictly adhere to Kanab City Quiet hours listed below.

  1. The Legals – Guests should not create excessive noise at a level that disturbs neighbors; Code-enforced neighborhood quiet hours are from 10:00p.m. –  7:00a.m. Kanab City public nuisance laws are strictly enforced by Kanab City police. (Includes unhappy, noisy pets)


Up to two pets are permitted, Just let me know upfront so we can prepare. I would love to know your pets names ______________________________________________________________

  1. The Legals – On approval of a pet, you will receive a separate Pet Addendum. All evidence of pet occupation must be removed from the Property and grounds at the end of the rental period. Pets are not permitted on any item of furniture, including beds, and evidence of pet hair on furniture and bedding may incur additional cleaning charges


100% refund for cancellations made at least 60 days before check-in.

50% refund for cancellations made 59 to 31 days before check-in.

No refunds for cancellations made within 30 days of check-in.

If we can rent out your cancelled time, we will still refund you any of the revenue recaptured minus a 15% re-booking fee.

No refund 14 days and under. No refunds or chargebacks during or after your stay.

Guest must initiate the cancellation if booked on AirBnB or VRBO.

NOTE:  Things happen! We strongly recommend shopping for separate Travelers Insurance, we offer some thru a third party -Travel Guard. Always a good idea in case of any emergency or cancellations.

Damages and extra fees

In the unlikely event there is damage or extra fees (late check out, extra people, extra cleaning ect.) to the property, we will invoice prior to charging the credit card of the lead guest who made the booking- (signature below).  Or charges may be deducted from VRBO/Airbnb damage deposits. Charges will be made only for reasonable replacements or repairs.
Also – You may want to consider separate Travelers Insurance, always a good idea incase of any emergency or cancellations.

The Legals – The Guest accepts full responsibility for the use of the Property and any equipment and agree to pay for any damage done to the property by the guests or their visitors, of said house, amenities, equipment, and property other than for normal wear and tear.


LIMITATIONS OF LIABILITY: The Guest represents, warrants, acknowledges and agrees with The Owner that he/she will use the Property and its facilities in accordance with The Terms and Conditions above and the Information provided and that he/she does so at his/her own risk and that he/she indemnifies and saves The Owner harmless from any personal injury, sickness or death, loss or damage, however caused, to person or property of The Guest, his/her family, or guests, before during or after the time of occupancy. Further, he/she accepts full responsibility for the use of the Property and any equipment and agree to pay for any damage of said equipment, other than for normal wear and tear.

The parties agree to the terms of this Short Term Rental Agreement, as evidenced by the signatures set forth below.

Homeowner Lead Guest:
John & Sherene McClellan *__________________________________

Name (print) Name (print):

John & Sherene McClellan *__________________________________

Date: _____________________                  Date: _____________________________

Phone # (during stay): Phone # (during stay):

Sherene 435-262-6119 _________________________________

John 435-462-3808 _________________________________

Housekeeping in Kanab

Nancy 435-616-8506

*Electronic signature is binding in this document

Please note: Your dates will remain tentative on my calendar until I receive this agreement back from you.  Thanks so much!

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