Family Favorite Restaurant in Kanab Utah

Houstons Waitress

The number one question visitors ask is “Where should we eat?”  Once they let me know what they are looking for, and that is “Just good home-cookin’ ” then my number one answer is Houston’s Trails End Resturant,

Houston’s is a Kanab staple. Plain and simple.

Houstons Trails End Restaurant

A Great family restaurant with reasonable prices, and on a good night, the waitresses all have their holsters and sixshooters on. This is the West after all and Houston’s has been serving up Western style for more than 40 years!

Houstons counter

In 1945 Merle “Peaches” and Donna Beard opened the Trail’s End Restaurant. Thirty years later, in 1975, The Houston family took over the reins. A lot has happened here in the West since then, but one thing that has stayed the same is the high-quality food and service that you can find at the Trails End Restaurant. The next generation of Houston’s now run the business. But today, just like in the past, Grandpa Bob still makes 10 gallons of his country gravy and DayLean bakes her rolls daily. (There should have been a photo of TWO of those big fat fluffy rolls in the opening photo – but they come out warm…… John was not about to wait for it to cool down!)

Houstons catering

In 1978 the Houston Family expanded into the mobile catering business and since that time has worked for the Federal Government feeding firefighters at remote sites all over the West. In 1999 Houston’s Catering, Inc. was awarded the “Small Business Contractor” of the year award by the Department of Agriculture. This was no small task for a company from the small town of Kanab, Utah. The catering company continues in operation today and you may very well see their rigs running up and down the roads of the West.

Houstons happy trails

Can’t decide what to order? Then just go for the local favorite and get the Chicken-fried Steak. We have never been disappointed.

Hours: Monday-Thursday 11 a.m.- 9 p.m. Serving lunch from 11-5 and dinner from 5-9, then Friday-Saturday 7 a.m.-9:00 p.m. serving breakfast from 7-11:30, lunch 11:30-5, and dinner 5-9.

KANAB, UT 84741


Here is a link to a past menu – But pretty much the same:

Our Favorite Mexican Food in Kanab, Utah

Our Favorite Mexican Food in Kanab, Utah

Where do we go when we want just plain ole’ GOOD, home cooked, authentic Mexican fare that wont break the bank? We go see Rosa and her family at Escobar’s Mexican Restaurant!
This place is a staple in Kanab, truly a locals kinda place. And it is only a one block walk from the Western Star Bungalow! Bonus!
John likes the a la carte tostada, small and simple. I love the chicken fajitas, lots of food! I usually take some home. Plates run approx. $7-$18
But the best – is the salsa and warm chips! Love, love their salsa. Comes to your table while you wait for your order. I could put it on everything!

Inside and outside dinning. Come early if you are there in the summer. The lines get long sometimes.

But – (Yes, there is a “but”…)  you have to keep their untraditional hours and calendar in mind.
The Escobar family worships on Saturday, so the restaurant is closed on Saturday but open on Sunday. (Slightly different than lot’s of our other local businesses, who close on Sunday.) Escobar’s is also closed on Tuesdays.

If you visit Kanab in the winter, you may miss out on Escobar’s altogether as the family heads back to Mexico for most of December and January. (See, I told you it’s real traditional Mexican food.)
We REALLY miss them when they are gone. There is always a little Facebook flurry on the local Kanab page when we find out what day Escobar’s reopens in January!

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