Peekaboo Canyon, Kanab Utah

A Highly Recommended Slot Canyon Day Trip in Kanab, Utah.

Peekaboo Slot Canyon! A Southern Utah classic! This is such a great slot canyon. Close to town with cool photography shots similar to the famous but overcrowded, Antelope Canyon.

Coral Cliffs Tour Company are our go-to guides for all the adventures surrounding Kanab. Jeff and Julie at Coral Cliffs Tours, are an awesome local family company. They have a Peekaboo Slot Canyon tour priced considerably better than any of the other private tour companies in town.

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peekaboo canyon kanab

Just in case you are wondering – you do not want to try and get yourself there unless you have a HIGH CLEARANCE four-wheel drive and KNOW how to drive in deep sand! Just because your Subaru is 4WD, it is too low. Jeff and Julie have to drag someone out of there almost every week. Don’t do it.

A tour guide can drive you right to the mouth of this easy walking Slot Canyon.
The morning light is really nice for good photos, you may want a tripod though.
The top photo is of me and my sis last summer. We go as often as we can. Different lighting means a different show every time.

The Needle, Kanab, Utah

After you explore this little canyon, come out the mouth of the slot, go around the corner to the left, and up the short trail to “The Needle”.

Awesome formation and more great photos. You are gonna love this place!

Call Jeff and Julie at Coral Cliffs Tours – 435-899-0697 or 801-631-3500

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