National Parks & National Monuments Near Kanab

National Parks

Southwestern Utah is extremely diverse with so much to see and explore. Follow the paths where ancient native people and pioneers walked. Gaze up at massive sandstone cliffs of cream, pink, and red that soar into a brilliant blue sky. Spend a day or spend a week…. Whatever you can, you will wish you had more time for these Mighty National Parks.

National Monuments

National Monuments and Wilderness Areas Near Kanab

Get out and away,  Truly off the beaten path!
– 7 Awesome Southern Utah National Monuments and Wilderness Areas

Acres and acres of colorful sandstone cliffs, soaring above narrow slot canyons, just in Grand Staircase National Monument alone.
Picturesque washes and seemingly endless slickrock, prehistoric village sites, abandoned old Western movie sets and high cool mountains are among the many treasures of these Southern Utah Wilderness Areas near Kanab.

Vermilion Cliffs National Monument and Paria Canyon Wilderness, Arizona

This wilderness area includes many plateaus, sandstone formations, escarpments, and slot canyons.
While many are lured and wait their turn to visit the famous “Wave” in the North Coyote Buttes, on the other hand, the “White Pocket” area to the east is seldom visited.
Maybe because of its remoteness or the requirement of 4WD to access the area. But there are several great Tour companies in Kanab that can take you anytime! Ask me about our favorites.

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