Desert Bighorn Sheep in Zion National Park

Our last trek into Zion National Park, (January 2018) was a fun afternoon even before we came across these beauties on our way home out of the East Gate of the park. Desert Bighorn Sheep!

Norm_Bosworth / Pixabay

Evidence of Bighorn Desert Sheep in Southern Utah goes waaaay back! No other animal image is used as often in local native petroglyphs and pictographs. The ancients seemed to be dependent on these graceful creatures for food and they were apparently abundant at that time. Their curved horns were used for costumes, bows and tools. They became few in number, almost to the point of extinction, due to human impact by early settlers.  In recent years many of the Southwest’s parks have been trying to reintroduce them and at least in Zion it seems to be quite successful.




The area between the tunnel and the East Gate is the most likely place to have an encounter. And I mean up close and personal, like this dandy that almost came right up to our car window!

Get out and enjoy your National Parks TODAY!

Cheers, Sherene and John

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