Know Before You Go- What Time is it??? Southern Utah

What time is it? Should be a simple question right? Lots of our fly-in guests are coming from Las Vegas which means you will pass through 3 states in your 3 hour drive to Kanab (Nevada, Arizona and Utah). 2 different time zones (Pacific and Mountain) plus Utah will be on Daylight savings time, depending on the time of year – but Arizona never is.… Are you lost yet? Hopefully your phone will keep up with the accurate time when you are here, don’t just assume it is malfunctioning.
Our biggest challenge once here are those who plan on visiting  Page, Arizona –  Antelope Canyon, Lake Powell and Grand Canyon. If you have a tour lined up, double check with your tour operator to make sure you are aligned with their time.
Found this on the BLM website – made me laugh
Q: What time is it?
A: This gets a little complicated, so hang on.
Glen Canyon National Recreation Area follows Arizona time, which is Mountain Standard Time year-round.
* The state of Arizona does not switch to Daylight Savings Time in summer.
* Within the state of Arizona, the Navajo Reservation does switch to Daylight Savings Time.
* Within the Navajo Reservation lies the Hopi Reservation. The Hopis do not switch to Daylight Savings Time.
* The state of Utah does switch to Daylight Savings Time.
* Exception: Dangling Rope Marina, which is in Utah, does not switch to Daylight Savings Time. They run on Arizona time.
Simple, huh?

-Daylight saving time 2018 in Utah will begin at 2:00 AM on
Sunday, March 11 and ends at 2:00 AM on Sunday, November 4

So starting on Sunday, March 11 – 8 AM in Kanab will be 7 am in Page, AZ.
Even though the Navajo Nation observes daylight savings, for the convenience of tourists, tours of Antelope Canyon are on the same time as Page. So 8 AM in Page will be 8 AM for an Antelope Canyon tour and the boat tour. It will also be 8 AM in Las Vegas.

I know it’s not the correct terms, but I think about it as if Arizona is on pacific time in the summer and mountain time in the winter. So Utah and Arizona are the same time in the winter and one hour behind of us in the summer

Got it??

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