The Worlds Top Ten Amazing Slot Canyons – 5 Are In Southern Utah!!

We love Slot Canyons around here! What’s not to love? Soaring red rock walls, narrow crevices and looking up into blue skies. There are plenty to choose from around here. But even so, I was pleasantly surprised when I came across this Youtube video the other day –
The Top Ten Amazing Slot Canyons Around the World
Five of the top ten are within 1-2 hrs of us here in Kanab, Utah!

Here’s the list –

10-Oneonta Gorge Canyon,Oregon, United States
09-The Colored Canyon, Sinai,Egypt
08-Spooky Gulch, Utah, United States
07-Buckskin Gulch, Utah, United States
06-Weano Gorge,Western Australia
05-The Virgin River Narrows, Utah, United States
04-Echidna Chasm,Western Australia
03-The Subway, Utah, United States
02-Siq Canyon,Jordan
01-Antelope Canyon, Arizona, United States

Come explore the Slots of Southern Utah, but be warned, they get in your blood, you’ll be back for more!

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