Wood Fired Pizza Deal, 2 for 1! Live Music, Kanab Utah

Wood Fired Pizza Deal, 2 for 1! Live Music, Kanab Utah

Who doesn’t love good fired pizza!?  From now, until at least the end of March, get two great pizzas for the price of one at Peekaboo Canyon Wood Fired Kitchen in Kanab Utah.

Every Thursday night come and bring the family, or just a big appetite.


Peekaboo Kitchen is known for their Vegan and Vegetarian dishes, but meat eaters need not despair, I hear the vegan bacon is awesome!

Check their Facebook page often for their calendar of live music.

This week, Friday Feb. 9th is Tom Bennett Country and Blues

tom Bennet


The Peekaboo Canyon Wood Fired Kitchen
233 W. Center Street, Kanab
435) 689-1959

A Great Restaurant Experience in Kanab, Utah

Iron horse, kanab ut

Kanab has some great restaurants but none of them have quite the ambience that you will find at the Iron Horse Restaurant.

The Iron horse sits right on the bend in the middle of town, Behind Denny’s wigwam. There is a huge courtyard full of fun photo ops.

Including an old Western town, a covered wagon and a giant wooden chair. If it hadn’t been there for years and years you would think it had been designed just for Instagram!

The Iron Horse has changed hands in the last couple of years, parts of the menu comes and goes, but it is always about great barbecue.

November to March is considered “Off Season” for Kanab. But off season has it’s perks. The weather is still often mild, less tourist traffic and the Iron Horse “$8 Baskets”!

8 dollar baskets

For only $8 you can have your choice of three different meals. The burger and fries, wings and fries and my favorite – nachos with BBQ pork!

Iron Horse Restaurant & Saloon is the only full-service bar and restaurant in southern Utah’s Kane County.  Iron Horse has indoor seating for guests—plus a pet-friendly, outdoor patio. During the summer months there is great live music. Mike is a COWBOY musician. Not a country Western musician, there is a big difference in my book! He does such a great job of bring the spirit of the western cowboy to dinner!

They have giant steaks, giant brisket and the best part – Giant Brownies! Kinda hard to tell, but the giant slab of brownie is bigger than my whole hand. Plenty to share, yum.

If you’re interested in Group seating make reservations in advance at 435.644.2277. Always best to confirm hours of operation during your stay.
Denny’s Wigwam, probably the largest gift shop in the area, is attached to the Iron Horse and you will want time to browse all the cool Western goods at Denny’s while you are there.

Iron Horse Restaurant, Kanab, UT

78 E. Center Street
Kanab, Utah 84741

(435) 644-2277 – Iron Horse
(435) 644.2601 – Denny’s Wigwam

iron horse, kanab

Our Favorite Mexican Food in Kanab, Utah

Our Favorite Mexican Food in Kanab, Utah

Where do we go when we want just plain ole’ GOOD, home cooked, authentic Mexican fare that wont break the bank? We go see Rosa and her family at Escobar’s Mexican Restaurant!
This place is a staple in Kanab, truly a locals kinda place. And it is only a one block walk from the Western Star Bungalow! Bonus!
John likes the a la carte tostada, small and simple. I love the chicken fajitas, lots of food! I usually take some home. Plates run approx. $7-$18
But the best – is the salsa and warm chips! Love, love their salsa. Comes to your table while you wait for your order. I could put it on everything!

Inside and outside dinning. Come early if you are there in the summer. The lines get long sometimes.

But – (Yes, there is a “but”…)  you have to keep their untraditional hours and calendar in mind.
The Escobar family worships on Saturday, so the restaurant is closed on Saturday but open on Sunday. (Slightly different than lot’s of our other local businesses, who close on Sunday.) Escobar’s is also closed on Tuesdays.

If you visit Kanab in the winter, you may miss out on Escobar’s altogether as the family heads back to Mexico for most of December and January. (See, I told you it’s real traditional Mexican food.)
We REALLY miss them when they are gone. There is always a little Facebook flurry on the local Kanab page when we find out what day Escobar’s reopens in January!

The Grand Canyon and Cookies, The Perfect Combination! Kanab, Utah

Jacob Lake cookies

I know you want to get to Grand Canyon, one of the 7 natural wonders of the world, but wait – Stop at Jacob Lake (Not really a lake, just a gas station, restaurant and Lodge. Named for the founder Jacob Lake) on the way. The Lodge there has famous cookies! They usually have a great selection of awesome cookies. I love the “Cookie on a Cloud”. Grab a few for enjoying at the Rim

The North Rim of the Grand Canyon is about 1.25 hrs drive South of Kanab, Yet we are still the closest town of any size to this more remote treasure!

Because of its remoteness, the North Rim hosts only 10% of the annual 5 million international visitors. Thus, the North Rim offers a very different, more personal experience. Want to watch the sun set over the Grand Canyon in solitude? Then North Rim is for you!

he Grand Canyon, USA-2


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