You’ve gotta’ check out this Hiking App for the Kanab, Utah Area!

You’ve gotta’ check out this Hiking App for the Kanab, Utah Area!

Get Off The Beaten Path!

The National Parks are Stunning, no doubt about it. But what do you do when you want to get off the beaten path? When hiking the Kanab area, you will find amazing trails in beautiful Red Rock Country, without all the crowds.

Kane County tourism now offers the amazing “Kanab Trails App”. This app can help you plan and navigate your outdoor adventures in Kanab and the surrounding area. It has an incredible array of red rock trails, slot canyons, and high mountain forest. You are sure to find just the right trail you have been looking for. Whether you are on foot, horse or Atv’s.

The Kanab area of Utah has some of the most unique terrains in the world and the Kanab Trails App makes it easy for you to enjoy it.  

By using this mobile guide, even those who are unfamiliar with the area can feel confident to venture out in this beautiful environment! Whether you’re out on the road looking for adventure, or planning a trip from home, the Kanab Trails App invites you to discover and explore these hidden gems! Enjoy the picturesque scenery, breath-taking trails, spectacular slot canyons, and places you never knew existed.

Hiking Kanab, Utah

You can view the app and download their information PDF (click on the Kanab Trails Overview info)  here:

Here is info directly from the app-

The roads and trails displayed in the App are available for public access and can serve as guides for your Kane County Trail adventure.

You may view the roads in map or satellite view. Pinch and zoom the map to see all the roads in the county. If you enter an area with no cell coverage, essential elements of the road paths and points of interest are still available offline.

Offline capabilities:

  • The road and trail paths visible –  if app downloaded to your device.
  • My location GPS tracking –  if enable in device and app settings
  • The text descriptions and photos
  • Topographic map overlays if they are available for the area you are visiting.

App features: Benefits for you:

  • Selecting road from the navigation list or search result we’ll fly you to the map where that road is centered in the screen and highlighted so the path is wider.
  • The roads name will be displayed on the title bar at the bottom of the screen.
  • You may slide the title bar to get mileage information about that road if there is any available.
  • If you see signage on the road- or trail you can search for that number in the app. Or select from the list in the navigation list.
  • Touch a path and its name will display on the information drawer title bar at the bottom of the screen.

You should be able to view your location with or without cell service:

Topographic Map layer:

An example of the topographic maps is shown here. You may pinch and zoom into the area of your location. Touch the arrow pointing in the left-hand side of the map to show your location.


You may get alerts when you come within an established distance of a trailhead, point of interest or destination depending on you’re app settings.


The in-app information has a whole lot more! Great reminders like:

  • Using other sources of info
  • Be mindful of weather, especially when entering Slot Canyons
  • Map based apps use a lot of battery power. Have extra charging options with you
  • Check road conditions prior to travel
  • Bring extra water! It is hotter and drier than you think
  • Very limited Cell phone service in this area
  • Roads that need 4×4 for deep sand (Please believe this one!)

Talk about adventure!  The app makes hiking Kanab area trails easy to find, simple to follow, and enjoyable to experience without the crowds at the Parks.

Be spontaneous! The geo-alerts let you know what outdoor adventures are nearby. Discovering this magically unspoiled area requires offline access – and we have you covered.

Roads, trails, GPS tracking, and trail information is all available without wi-fi or cellular service.

Now for what you really want – The Kanab Trails App download – Head over to 

click on the Kanab Trails icon, there ya go!

All in all, you are going to have a great time exploring and you are going to see things like you have never seen before!

Check out this blog for our favorite local hike:

Red Rock Hiking, Kanab Utah

If you are digging this idea and this app, and want even more info about getting off the beaten path,  here is a copy of the in-app Tips

Mobile App Tips for Adventure Hiking Trails

Adventure Hiking Trails may parallel roads in some cases. The Adventure Trail Paths are shown in ORANGE.

“This map and directions are intended for general reference use only.  Always check local road and weather conditions. Stay on designated roads.  Dirt roads are impassable when wet. Please respect Private Property. Be prepared for a wilderness experience: Always bring extra water, food, sunscreen, and supplies. Do not remove artifacts or deface the ‘rock art’.  Leave no trace of your visit so others may enjoy.”

Cell phone service is non-existent in most areas, so be prepared when hiking the Kanab area.  Essential information is available offline for the Adventure Trails and Outdoor Recreational Opportunities on this app. In areas without cellular service map tiles may not be displayed.  You can go to “Settings” and toggle on topographic maps to assist with navigation.
Safety:  Enjoy your trip –by being prepared.  Due to cell phone battery limitations, we always advise visitors to bring charging cords or battery packs and have access to hard copy maps as a backup.   
About Adventure Trail Featured Paths & Content:   The Kane County Commission invites you to use the Kanab Trails App.  You can plan your excursions and follow the route on your mobile device while on location whether driving ATV’s or hiking Kanab area.

These trails are meant to serve as guides for your Kane County Adventure with both map and satellite view options.  Each Adventure Trail is its own category that lists the trail path(s) its trailhead and destination. Some Trails show highway access points.   If you have downloaded the app to your device and then enter an area with no cell coverage, the essential paths, and points of interest are still available offline.

Adventure Hiking Trail Experience:  Many of the Adventure Trails follow roads for a portion of the way.  You will see which type of road is running alongside, and when the road ends the hiking routes begins.

Fun, Interesting, Easy Hike. The Toadstools. Southern Utah

Toadstools_in southern Utah

Want to spend a couple of hours on another planet, or at least feel like it? Welcome to the ToadStools.

Geology takes front and center stage here.

Located along U.S. 89 in the Escalante Grand Staircase National Monument (SW Utah), the Toadstools trailhead leads to a series of mushroom-like formations of orange and white rocks. Kids and adults alike will have fun on this “other worldly” trek. The route is .8 miles each way, level, and easy walking.
Like a giant layer cake, the Escalante Staircase was so named thanks to the immense sequence of its sedimentary rock layers ranging from Bryce Canyon in the north to the Grand Canyon in the south.

A toadstool is a spire-like feature with a boulder perched atop a pedestal rock, like a mushroom, which forms when a softer rock erodes away, leaving a column sheltered from the elements. Slightly different from the HooDoos of Bryce Canyon National Park.

You can stretch your legs on the jaunt from Kanab to Lake Powell or stick around and find other trails like the nearby Catstair.

The trail is open year-round and fees/permits are not required. The entire hike is exposed, so avoid going in the middle of the day during the summer. Otherwise, spring through fall are excellent times to hike here. The area is dog-friendly.

Park at the trailhead off of Highway 89, 45 miles east of Kanab, 12 miles west of Big Water. There is a small parking area right off the Highway with an information board.
GPS Coordinates
(37.101310, -111.873169)


A Highly Recommended Slot Canyon Day Trip in Kanab, Utah.

Peekaboo Canyon, Kanab Utah

Peekaboo Slot Canyon! A Southern Utah classic! This is such a great slot canyon. Close to town with cool photography shots similar to the famous but overcrowded, Antelope Canyon.

Coral Cliffs Tour Company are our go-to guides for all the adventures surrounding Kanab. Jeff and Julie at Coral Cliffs Tours, are an awesome local family company. They have a Peekaboo Slot Canyon tour priced considerably better than any of the other private tour companies in town.

Reach out to them HERE. If you are staying in one of our Vacation Rentals, contact me for our exclusive coupon code for deals at Coral Cliff Tours!

peekaboo canyon kanab

Just in case you are wondering – you do not want to try and get yourself there unless you have a HIGH CLEARANCE four-wheel drive and KNOW how to drive in deep sand! Just because your Subaru is 4WD, it is too low. Jeff and Julie have to drag someone out of there almost every week. Don’t do it.

A tour guide can drive you right to the mouth of this easy walking Slot Canyon.
The morning light is really nice for good photos, you may want a tripod though.
The top photo is of me and my sis last summer. We go as often as we can. Different lighting means a different show every time.

The Needle, Kanab, Utah

After you explore this little canyon, come out the mouth of the slot, go around the corner to the left, and up the short trail to “The Needle”.

Awesome formation and more great photos. You are gonna love this place!

Call Jeff and Julie at Coral Cliffs Tours – 435-899-0697 or 801-631-3500

Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument changes boundaries

Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument changes boundaries

Southern Utah. This is our backyard, The Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. A beautiful, remote, varied and as of late controversial stretch of land.

Recent Presidential changes have caused quite the uproar in our small town. Some folks are happy, some folks are not. But this is NOT a post on politics! This is about the great area we have to share, we STILL have to share. If you have been wondering about the changes, and what that means for your visit, here is quote from the executive director of Kane County Office of Tourism –

“The hikes, destinations and viewpoints that make southern Utah and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument so beautiful and worth exploring are not going anywhere. Visitors still have access to all the iconic sites and attractions; the only difference is that some areas will be managed by a different BLM office.”

If you have never experienced the grand vastness of the West, or the narrow sandstone walls of a slot canyon, it is all STILL here. Now is STILL a great time to visit Kanab and all of her national Parks and Monuments! (Video by Jared Warren Photography)

Here is a complete copy of the recent press release from area officials:
SOUTHERN UTAH (February, 2018) — While the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument’s boundaries were modified by Presidential Proclamation 9681 on December 4, 2017; Kane County and Garfield County Offices of Tourism and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) want to assure the public that these changes should not affect their overall outdoor experience in southern Utah. The area’s tourist attractions and sites continue to be accessible.

“The Presidential proclamation modified the boundaries of the national monument into three management units within the Monument known as the Grand Staircase, Kaiparowits and Escalante Canyons units. The lands excluded from the Monument’s boundaries continue to be managed by the BLM’s Kanab Field Office and will remain accessible to the public in accordance with the existing BLM management plan,” said Harry Barber, acting Monument Manager.

“We are optimistic these changes will positively impact the outdoor experience in southern Utah,” said Camille Johnson, executive director of Kane County Office of Tourism. “The hikes, destinations and viewpoints that make southern Utah and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument so beautiful and worth exploring are not going anywhere. Visitors still have access to all the iconic sites and attractions; the only difference is that some areas will be managed by a different BLM office.”

“We want all visitors to know that the Garfield County and Kane County Offices of Tourism and the BLM are working together to continue providing a positive and fun visitor experience” said Falyn Owens, executive director of Garfield County Office of Tourism.

Popular destinations—such as Inchworm Arch, Peek-a-Boo and Spooky Gulch slot canyons, Lick Wash, Devils Garden and Cottonwood Narrows—are available and open to the public. In addition, outfitters and guides will continue to offer services in the area to help visitors see the unique sights.

“What is most important for people to know is that visitors will be able to access the beautiful scenery and experience the awaiting attractions.” Owens said.

Trail Riding, Running, Walking in Spectacular Southern Utah

Horseback riding southern Utah

A group of my best girlfriends came to Kanab for a few days a couple of weeks ago. So fun hanging out with the girls at out Western Star Bungalow, putting in a few hikes and generally hanging out in the sun!
One of our nicest afternoons was hiking the Cottonwood Trail. Just 5 min. from the house, it really felt like we were in the outback.
There is a really nice picnic spot with stone table and benches in the NorthWest corner of the parking area.

ACE – American Conservation Experience has been working in partnership with Kanab, BLM Field Office (Bureau of Land Management). The planning, design, and approval of the Cottonwood Trail has been in the works for nearly 18 years and has culminated this past year with ACE constructing 3.5 miles of brand new trail.

Come explore southern Utah’s high desert spectacular washes and ravines,
vertical cliffs, beautiful colors and plant life.

Kanab Cottonwood trail building

Directions to Trailhead (Distance to trailhead: 3.8 miles)
Starting at the center of town, at the stoplight at Center and Main Street, go east on Hwy 89 then continue south
on 89A (toward Fredonia). Turn right on
Kanab Creek Drive. Go about 2 miles, then 
turn right (West) on Stanfield Dr. The trailhead 
is up the hill and at the end of Stanfield Rd.

Description of Trail
The trailhead parking area is large (holding several horse
 trailers) and below the concrete water storage tank.
A scenic picnic area and fire pit is accessed on the north end of the parking area. This trail offers beautiful panorama views in all directions. The trail is an easy to moderate hike and ideal for horseback rides. The trail crosses several ravines and washes and you can ride as far as you want Return to the trailhead using the same trail.

Length (round trip): – 6 miles / 9.7 km
Hike Time (round trip): – About 4 hours
Start Elevation: – 5040 ft / 1536 m
Top Elevation: – 5190 ft / 1582 m
Elevation Gain: – 150 ft / 46 m
Trailhead – Coordinates (lat/lon): – N 37° 03’ 34.9” W 112° 30’ 25.2”
Point of Interest: – Remote beauty and picnic area.
Family Friendly: – Yes
Dog Friendly – Yes
Equestrian Friendly: – Yes
Trailhead Restrooms: – No


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